Taking your Event to the Next Level

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EVENT CAPTURE: Taking your Event to the Next Level

Energize your conferences and events through the use of graphic recording, facilitation and real-time data capture.  Graphic recording and facilitating is an effective new process that combines words and pictures to capture the ideas presented in conferences, meetings, seminars, and other forms of group communication. Real-time data capture provides a comprehensive record of all your work.

The use of audio and visual tools has been proven to be the most effective means to impart information and learning.  When words are combined with pictures, people grasp and retain for more.  Graphics can capture the essence of ideas, provide a visual of a concept and bring clarity to a discussion or topic.  Event Capture will work with you to design the most effective means to meet your goals and objectives – whether it is putting on a conference, leading a brainstorming session or working through strategic planning. And we can provide a deliverable end-product to capture the event and communicate it to others.


Event Capture can provide services in Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, and Real-Time Data Capture.