About Keith


As a kid, Keith always loved to do art – anything that involved drawing.  He honed his scribing skills while doodling during church services, in high school classes, and lectures in college. Using graphic drawings and taking notes turned into graphic recording. Having spent two years at the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design before getting a History degree, the experience provided him with more skills that laid the foundation for graphic recording and scribing. Challenged by a friend in 2004 to take a stab at graphic recording, Keith has been involved in graphic facilitation and recording for the past 5 years, working at more than 100 events, using his talents to record and work with corporations, non-profit organizations, ministries and churches.

Keith’s ability to listen, pull out main ideas, translate them into graphics, and organize them into a real-time capture of content at events or gatherings provides a visual record that is both dynamic and memorable for the participants.

Keith resides in Elk Grove, California near Sacramento.


For more information:

Event Capture

Keith P. Young

9430 Village Tree Drive

Elk Grove, California 95758

(916) 690-6526