Why use Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Real-Time Data Capture?

Unlike the traditional “talking head” sessions or typical planning meetings, Event Capture will provide an interactive format that has distinct advantages beyond traditional discussion, flip charts and overhead projectors.

  • Provides a engaging visual of speakers’ content
  • Provides a graphic that includes the big picture and the specific details
  • Can visually show the process and direction that can be understood by the group
  • Links between ideas can be identified and expanded upon
  • Can take ideas and provide concise and immediately recognizable images
  • Encourages participants become more involved in dynamic, energetic interactions
  • The visuals provide a record of the event and increases retention
  • Participants can immediately see their ideas being acknowledged and become incorporated into the final solution
  • The visual provides a fluid capture of dialogue that can encourage new meaning and insight
  • The experience of working collectively to solve problems empowers the group as a whole, and encourages an ongoing “team” mentality
  • Involves a process which enhances the collaborative learning environment.
  • Engages verbal and visual skills
  • Provides a end product that can be used to engage non-participants in future discussion
  • Deliverable encapsulates all the work, discussion and innovations in a reusable format