What people are saying about Keith’s work:

I have used Keith’s services on over 20 different occasions to scribe speakers, events, flow of ideas, small group presentations, etc. I never cease to be amazed how he can graphically and visually capture the ideas that come forth in the variety of those settings. Understanding the varied learning style of participants Keith has never failed to capture what is said, the big ideas and the intersections of those ideas. People always respond with “wow!” watching Keith work. He has become an indispensable part of what I do.

Eric Swanson, author of The Externally Focused Church and Living a Life on Loan
Director of Externally Focused Churches Leadership Communities
Leadership Network

I stand amazed every time I see your work. How do you manage to listen so well and draw so accurately at the same time!?! If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a really good picture must be worth 100,000 words. During my recent talk, I looked at your scribe when I got back to my seat. You made the points and told the story better than I did! Your scribing made my talk come alive. Keep up the great work, my friend. You are an unusually gifted communicator!

Jim Sheppard, CEO/Principal

It was a pleasure working with Keith – both in the planning process and during the actual event.  He did a wonderful job in educating himself about the goal of our event as well as our organization in general so as to prepare for our sessions.   His work was magnificent, informative, and very colorful and fun! The guests absolutely loved receiving their very own pieces of “art” at the end of our event.  I can’t wait to utilize his talents and skills again!

Gabriela Voss
Crown Financial Ministries

I am consistently amazed with the capacity that Keith has to capture ideas, strategy and even emotion with compelling and memorable images.  Recently, at an event I led with leaders from ten very effective teams from across the country, Keith’s scribing was stunning, as usual.  I have enthusiastically recommended Keith to other colleagues and have always gotten a great report from them about the massive contribution that he makes.”

Christopher Willard
Generous Churches Leadership Communities Director
Leadership Network

Keith and I have worked together on numerous occasions. His ability to graphically and visually capture the big ideas gives another dimension to understanding for the audience.  I have received consistent positive feedback whenever I have used Keith.  His contribution to the learning process is invaluable.

Liz Swanson
Director of Recovery Ministry Leadership Community
Director of Women of Impact – Women’s Initiative
Leadership Network

I have been so impressed with the way that Keith can listen to me as I speak, translate it into these amazing graphics and provide the audience with this powerful visual that oftentimes communicates what I’m saying better than my words.  It truly is a gift and an enhancement to my message.

Bill Thrall
Author of True Faced and Beyond Your Best
Vice-Chairman of Leadership Catalyst

Keith helps make our meetings POP!  His ability to capture what someone is saying and portray that visually helps make our events memorable and effective.  He also brings creative ideas for our gatherings that he has experienced at outside events.  All that packaged with a real team spirit make Keith a huge asset to our team.  I strongly endorse him if you want to make your meeting/event have a lasting impact.

Richard Petty
Director of Facilitation
Leadership Network